What to wear for your portrait session?

Blue Jeans and white shirts is the all-traditional go to when picking out your wardrobe for your upcoming family portrait. I only have one word for that: BORING! Its been done, heck I’ve done it… and I’ll be honest, it works, but you will look just like the last family that did that.

So here are my suggestions when trying to figure out what to wear. Really try to envision your backdrop, is it beach, country, more monotone like a forest? Once you have that vision, pick some of the key colors from that, for instance if it’s the beach this is what I would pick: light blue, beige, soft pinks (tones of the sunset hues), soft purples, etc.… however the country I would choose more earthy tones, such as browns, maroons, darker blues and greens.

Now, lets add a little personality to this recipe who are you? Don’t pick an outfit strictly because it fits into my color suggestions, pick it because you like how it looks on you, you pick it because its something you would “normally wear”, and you pick it because it fits into the environment we will be shooting at.

If you aren’t a color person, then fine, easy peasy lemon squeezy… simply take the basic look, blue jeans and white shirt and add a splash of color somewhere, a scarf, necklace, belt, etc.

Now here is what not to do: Don’t find a shirt that fits the color scheme but has a logo on it, and don’t mix patterns… in fact, if you can, try not do any patterns…. of course I have exceptions to this rule (I love a good plaid shirt in a country setting).

Take these suggestions and apply it to your whole family, not just yourself, and make sure you guys compliment each other (you don’t have to be matchy matchy, just complimentary)

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