December Wedding at the Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA

Through the hustle and bustle of the holiday I was fortunate to have captured this lovely and breathtaking wedding at the very majestic Mountain Winery in Saratoga. Nestled in the mountains of northern California is a sweet little venue with vineyard that lead you to a stunning ampitheater that overlooks the southern bay area.

Because this was a December wedding and the sunset is so early and the ceremony capture closest to sunset we had to adjust the schedule to capture everything earlier on in the day… and as a photographer, it made me a little nervous to have to capture the beauty of this venue on a very bright and sunny day (yet very chilly). This wedding taught me that stepping out of my comfort zone of sunset light, or even filtered light can give results that are so powerful and stunning it makes you just want to take it all in.

The decor of this wedding was an obvious choice being that it was less that a week since Christmas had passed. The place cards were set in cinnamin sticks and holy, the centerpieces were made of wreaths and the venue was lit up in white holiday lights that brought on such a festive glow.

I couldn’t finish this post with out talking about the one thing that inspired me most about this day, and that is the couple. This is a couple that you look at and can visually see the love they have for each other, its in every look, every smile, every gesture towards each other. They have weathered the distance of colleges keeping them farther apart than they’d like and survived a romance that was meant to be and I am so happy to have captured the start of their next chapter of happily ever after.