Miramar Farms — Half Moon Bay’s Magical Event Space

One of my favorite places to photograph when its not the beauty of emotion is this majestic and serene environment located in a gentle meadow like space of Miramar which is located in the sunbelt of the Half Moon Bay Coastside. The short tree lined drive is the prelude to this beautiful garden like atmosphere in which most of everything you eat is grown or raised right from the grounds. From eggs from their grass fed chickens to the bee’s homes in which they are able to harvest their own honey from, everything is natural and real and is the perfect spot to leave your troubles behind and reconnect with new visions and ideas and really reconnect either in a solitude fashion like I do, or with your fellow team mates. Miramar Farms is the perfect venue for anyone seeking an off-site meeting space that is unique and different and raw but real and genuine all at the same time.