Two Cultures One Love. Half Moon Bay, CA

One of my favorite things about what I do is to be a part of cultures that are different than my own. This particular day puts the icing on the cake though.  This wonderful dat blended two very distinct cultures, Hindu and Judaism, with all the amazing attributes each bring into their traditions.

This day was all embraced in the magical and coastal Bach Dynamite and Society venue.   Rustic and intimate with views of the ocean was the perfect location to embody this day. Alena Jean of Alena Jean Flowers hit it out of the park with her combination of a mandapa and chuppah. The ceremony itself started with the Jewish elements of signing the ketubah to the breaking of the glass all facilitated by the family rabbi.  The hindu ceremony then took place after in which included the 7 blessings and circling of the fire all orchestrated by the family of the groom.   A lot of these cultures such as the blessings have similarities which always leaves me awe struck how two very different cultures and countries are still bound together by a universal belief… just written and presented slightly different.

To Harsh and Emily, Mazel Tov!  Bandhai!