Rustic Mavericks House Wedding

This little slice of heaven venue has a piece of my heart as I too celebrated our wedding day almost 19 year ago here.  It is a rustic venue that sits pretty central to the views of the harbor and coastline.  They have since opened up a great lawn space to host the ceremony and in this particular wedding, the dinner hour was celebrated here too.  Followed by dancing and activities inside once it cooled down.  There were so many special and unique aspects to this wedding… the band was amazing!  But, one of the original moments that I have never seen before in over 25 years of capturing weddings was instead of the traditional wedding cake smash… the bride and groom did a pinata cake… just as much fun as the traditional cake smash, but nobody gets messy!  The energy of this day was spot on, from the sunset glows to the laughter and happiness high… it was infectious!

Mavericks House you rocked another day!  Of course the band Jimmy Duvet & and the Comforters helped a lot too!  The music was some of my favorite… any time there is a live band, a true party is had… but Jimmy and the band really brought something special!


Special Thanks to:

Mavericks House –

Jimmy Duvet  and the Band –