Hastings House, Half Moon Bay, CA

Hastings House is a place that I hold dear to my heart.  I too got married in this majestic garden almost 17 years ago.  What sold me on this serene location was its quiet, calming and peaceful oasis created by flowers, salt air (as the beach is right out the front) and the natural beauty if possess.  Linda and Richard Patterson do an amazing job with creating a magical place to exchange your vows in an intimate setting.

The Enchanted Forest, Moss Beach, CA

If you know my work at all, you know I photograph A LOT in this magical forest.  I want to highlight why… besides the obvious… its breathtaking.  But also versatile.  I love this forest because it allows for so many different looks, backdrops, colors and weather elements.  I also find a challenge when I do capture somewhere a lot… to remember to make it look different and to really bring in the personality of the subjects within.  So I thought I’d showcase a few of my favorite shots in this forest.  If you love this forest as much as I do and may want to use it for the setting of your next portrait… lets talk!


Riley’s Bar Mitzvah, Mavericks Conference Center, Half Moon Bay

I am so thankful for the life I was given… but there are times I wish I could live a completely different life just so I can have the experience of what I am witnessing… I tend to feel this way every time I capture a Jewish celebration.  But I can’t, so I will remain grateful for at least being able to witness and capture such culture and tradition of a beautiful heritage.  This celebration was of a young boy turning into a man.  The songs sang, the chants recited, and the festivities to be had were all reasons why I couldn’t stop smiling all day.  Riley’s family hosted this celebration at the beautiful and scenic spot of the Mavericks Conference Center located in the the fishing village of Half Moon Bay, CA.  The ceremony itself lasts a little over an hour which combines song, symbolism and reciting of ancient writings.  It had everyone participating in this celebration and everyone smiling…despite the less than warm temperatures.  After this joyous ceremony it was party on full of an outside band, passed hors d’oeuvres, a photo bus, a pool table, video games, and a club style lounge that was set up for a DJ and music for later in the evening.  It was perfect!


Senior Portraits

I love this stage of life.  The world is their oyster… they can do anything they want in life… its a clean slate… and its a crossroads to a new journey that really needs to be captured!